Strong Pass Marston-Burgess circa 1985



13+ any


8-12, 4+H, may be canape


8-12, 4+S. Not 4H


0-7 or a flat 8


8-12 Both ms


9-12, flat, no M


8-12 no 4M


RCO 2 suiters 8-12





To Pass


1C 0-7 any. Now 1D = 19+ any

1D 13+ reverse relay

1H 8-11 4+H

1S 8-11 4+S not H

1NT 8-11 flat no M

2C/D 8-11, 6 card suit

2H/S/NT 8-11 rco 2 bids


To 1C

1D Inv relay

1H GF relay

Rest nat nf


To 1D

1H Inv relay

1S GF relay

Rest nat nf


To 1H

Pass Nothing to say syas Nothing about S

1S Relay 18+ Now 1NT = min, rest = natural 5-7

1NT 16-18

2C Transfer to H 12-15

2D Transfer to S 12-15

2H/S 4 in that suit with a long minor, 12-15

2NT 12-15 ms


To 1S

1NT Relay

Rest natural nf





To 1NT

2C Relay

2D/H Transfers

2S Inv raise

2NT Pick a minor

3? Pre empt


To 2C

2D Relay

Rest inv natural


To 2D

2H Relay

Rest inv Except for 3C which is a transfer to H!!!! NB



After relay responses

Use symmetric relay if desired, else you can bid naturally.

After an invitational relay, 1 step shows a min. Rest are natural and max.