Paul Soloway

1941 - 2007

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Paul Soloway


Paul Soloway lives in Mill Creek, Washington, along with his wife Pam Pruitt and their kennel of dogs. Away from the table, Paul admits that he can lose himself for hours in his collection of stamps and coins.

Paul is widely considered the professional bridge player of his generation. He is ranked #1 on the ACBL career master point list with well over 60,000 points. Although he considers this particular achievement little more than an attendance record, everyone would agree that Paul gets an A+. He plays most events with clients but Paul has had several world-class partnerships over the years; his regular partners have included Gerald Hallee, John Swanson, Billy Eisenberg, the late Bobby Goldman and, now, Bob Hamman.

Paul is a WBF Grand Master (currently ranked 12th).

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